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Enabling Connections at Work


In Fall 2021, I collaborated with EXL HR Global Wellbeing's Creative team for 10 weeks to reimagine employee wellbeing, culminating in the creation of EXP, an internal tool designed to provide streamlined wellbeing services.


Divya Pandey (UX Designer)

Gopal Rajvanshi (Capability Development Head)

Siddhartha Shering (Manager, CD)

"Employee disconnect was a major issue in hybrid work setups that started in the post covid era stemming from physical separation and reliance on digital tools."

Effective communication

is challenged

Team collaboration is challenged

Employee engagement

is challenged

Employee exits were a major issue due to other companies offering much more than better salaries. We needed to understand what..

We conducted a comparative analysis of top B2B wellbeing companies in consulting, examining their engagement platform features and gauging satisfaction levels via online ratings and reviews.

We understood that few EX market firms focus on informal employee connections, with most prioritizing performance enhancement and communication. Additionally, the majority of desktop application features lack on-the-go flexibility.

In order to better understand the present communication challenges, we conducted interviews with in-house stakeholders.

We identified our target users and interviewed them to get a picture of their interaction patterns in hybrid work model.

Meet the user

Then, we worked on understanding the Employee Journey of a new employee in the organization

to understand the stages and key milestones or moments that matter in the employee journey with respect to social wellbeing at the organization. 

Defining the design space

Create a sense of belongingness for employees working in hybrid

Help employees communicate effectively with each other

Help employees build meaningful connections at work

Through this framing, we found that, we need to scope down the problem

We found that the most pressing challenge was effective informal communication and meaningful bonding among employees. We decided to pan out focus just to this area and explore

How might we help EXL employees build genuine connections at work?

Exploring concepts via basic mockups, for internal team testing

Final Prototypes, High fidelity prototypes of the Employee Engagement Platform, Gather


Cooperation with leadership is essential in merging user-focused design with business objectives.

This undertaking highlighted that design is an iterative process

Fret not about the implementation, it requires patience and lots of meetings

Designed by Divya Pandey